Wrap yourself in warmth with the aroma of the Euphoria Amber Gold fragrance. This scent radiates a particular creaminess that sticks on the skin long after the sun has gone down. It opens up with zesty accords of mandarin orange notes. A combination of plum and rose notes create the creamy, lactonic accords that allow it to stand out amongst the industry. Meanwhile, sweet notes of honey mix with the powdery nature of orris before leaving you with its base notes. These final ingredients are amber, vanilla, sandalwood and labdanum. A formulation like this leaves you with a sensual oriental feel.

This perfume was released by Calvin Klein in 2018. Since its start in the 1960’s, this fashion powerhouse has grown into one of the most recognizable names around the world. Its products range from durable jeans to iconic underwear to memorable handbags. Get a taste of what this brand has to offer the world with this stunning sleek bottle.



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